2 thoughts on “Our new AG flatulates his first opinion (see prior panel)

  1. OMG. So funny but so true. You can just bet his Lt. AG Kristen Hansen wrote that bizarre “opinion” with the help of every right wing nut job think tank out there. It has her christofascist MAGA fingerprints all over this thing. She wants to be on our Supreme Court so bad she can taste it. Glad she outed herself as a MAGA moron now. Won’t be so easy now to walk back this one. First thing that outta staters like lil Krissy need to understand about Montana is that yes, we like shooting. But NOT shooting ourselves in the foot for nothing! I mean, what the hell did this accomplish? A solution to a non-existent problem! And she is exactly why we can’t allow giant fart to appoint judges.


  2. Omg! I had no idea! But yoga may be headed our way to. Elsie and Knudey need to act now before our kids start meditating! (Actually, an art teacher friend of mine was fired from a small school for having his kids close their eyes and imagine the picture they wanted to draw. The said that technique was of the devil. True story. Joplin, H.S. 1992.)

    “In Alabama the Legislature dealt with a somewhat less fraught issue. It was confronted with the vexing problem of yoga instruction in the public schools. Until the Legislature acted during its recently concluded session, it had taken a dim view of yoga and addressed it in simple fashion. It said the local boards of education could decide whether to offer yoga and that it was an elective subject. It further provided, however, that instruction was limited to “poses, exercises, and stretching techniques” and provided that all “poses, exercises, and stretching technique shall have exclusively English descriptive names.”

    Notwithstanding the statutory provisions that appeared to permit limited yoga instruction in Alabama, the State Board of Education completely banned yoga in the public schools in 1993. The ban was found in the Alabama State Board of Education’s Administrative Code. The code specifically prohibited any techniques that involve “the induction of hypnotic states, guided imagery, meditation, or yoga.” The ban was reinforced in the Alabama Physical Education Instructional Guide. That guide does not limit itself to addressing yoga. It also addresses certain other activities that are to be avoided in public schools. Among the activities to be avoided are those that “over-empathize fun with no purposes or objective” and “limit maximum participation by a majority of students.” In order to instruct those in charge as to what activities might be considered as over-emphasizing fun with no purpose or objective, the guide lists “specific student games or activities to avoid.” The games to be avoided include: “Crack the whip, dodge ball, Doggy, doggy, where’s you bone? Duck, duck, goose… Heads up, seven up… Messy backyard… Red light, green light, Red Rover, Relay races, Simon says… Steal the bacon.” It is not known whether ending the ban on yoga will also end the ban on the games listed above.

    Although the legislation seems to move Alabama in the direction that is being taken by the rest of the country with respect to yoga, it provides that “all poses, exercises, and stretching techniques shall have exclusively English descriptive names. It says “chanting, mantras, mudras,, use of mandalas… and namaste greetings shall be expressly prohibited.” It requires a signed parental consent that includes an acknowledgement by the parent that yoga “is part of the Hinduism religion” and describes a variety of yoga activities that are prohibited.

    Although the Legislature was able to expand the ability of those wanting to participate in yoga classes, it found a way to limit the ability of those wanting to participate in the electoral process. It banned curbside voting.“


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