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Wilderness is always a hot topic in Montana … and ripe for lampooning.

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In the 1980s, U.S. Rep. Ron Marlenee was the constant flat tire.

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Montana wilderness proposals have long been contentious issues.  The passage of a bill resulting from these hearings resulted in a veto by President Reagan.


When U.S. Rep. Pat Williams introduced a wilderness bill, Rep. Ron Marlenee was ready to gut it.

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Sen. John Melcher had a hard time getting off the fence on Williams’s wilderness bill.  Meanwhile, Sen. Baucus introduced his own proposal.

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As Baucus, Williams and Melcher cooked up a wilderness bill, Marlenee sat ready to give it a hatchet job.

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Senators Baucus and Burns tried to get a wilderness bill passed in 1991.  Rep. Marlenee worked to put the stops to it.

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Later in the 1990s, Sen. Conrad Burns blocked proposed wilderness legislation.