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This is rather long, as the Montana Legislature has always been a rich source of material for cartoons.

83 Rolling revenue.jpg

An early one from way back in 1983.  It applies to every legislative session.

Damage report.jpg

Gov. Ted Schwinden’s “Build Montana” program didn’t fare well in the 1983 Legislature.

Adjourn 1983.jpg

Likewise applicable to every session.

83 SRS cold wind.jpg

This was 1983.  These days, I could substitute DPHHS for SRS and publish the same cartoon.

85 Gambling issue.jpg

In the early 1980s, gambling was a hot topic in the Legislature.  But they also had their own game to play.

85 Leprechaun.jpg

I couldn’t resist doing this for St. Patrick’s Day 1985.

85 Unisex 1.jpg

In 1985, the “unisex law” aimed at removing gender differences in insurance rates across the board – auto, health, life, and so on.  Opponents predicted dire consequences.  The bill passed the Legislature, and the law survived later efforts to repeal it.

86 insurance $.jpg

As a result of the unisex law, insurance companies threatened to stop doing business in Montana.  It was an empty threat.

85 Home yet?.jpg

A common sentiment near the end of every legislative session.

86 BN Aid.jpg

This is a favorite – Bob Marks, Ted Schwinden, and Jack Ramirez hyping a special session to reduce Burlington Northern property taxes.

86 special session issues.jpg

Whenever a special session looms, all the issues come calling for attention.

86 special session agenda.jpg

And this is often the result.  The governor is Ted Schwinden, who called six special sessions during his two terms.  He still holds the record.

Too many dragons.jpg

A special session can quickly become intimidating.

87 small stick.jpg

As the Legislature convened in 1987, there was a lot of bluster, as usual, about “fixin’ things right.”

87 Babel-slature.jpg

A favorite of mine – the Legislatures wastes energy on debating a bill to designate English as the state’s “official language.”

87 House-Senate.jpg

1987 was a particularly contentious year for the two chambers of the Legislature.

87 Legisl summit.jpg

After several stalemates in 1987, the legislative leadership called a summit.

87 Dead horse analysis.jpg

This always occurs after a legislative session.

87 Lil Trix linament.jpg

In 1987, the GOP pushed for a special session to reduce government regulation.  It didn’t happen.

88 Legisl reform.jpg

The 1987 Legislature assigned an interim committee to review and possibly reform legislative procedures.

89 capitol hydrant.jpg

This is crude, but it often feels this way.

Hoosegow hotel.jpg

My favorite bill from the 1991 session was Bill Strizich’s (D-Great Falls) proposal to have local prisoners pay for their incarceration.

91 Balance the budget.jpg

It’s always down to the wire in the Legislature.

They're back.jpg

At the end of 1991, Gov. Stephens called a special session to deal with the budget.

Legislature dart.jpg

In the January 1992 special session, the Legislature once again shot itself in the foot.