Archive: Montana Power

Sometimes an issue gets legs.  The now-defunct MPC and its Colstrip coal-powered generators provided rich material in the 1980s.

MPC Colstrip white elephant.jpg

MPC’s new Colstrip units were controversial and unpopular in 1983.

MPC 96M.jpg

After building Colstrip plants, MPC submitted a request for a massive rate hike.

MPC hole in head.jpg

MPC strongly defended its rate request to support Colstrip plants.  The PSC commissioner is Clyde Jarvis.

MPC Schmechel.jpg

MPC CEO Paul Schmechel offered to cut the rate request.

MPC propoganda.jpg

When the PSC denied its rate request, MPC rolled out its propoganda.

MPC court.jpg

In Butte district court, Judge Sullivan ruled against the PSC.

MPC phoenix.jpg

After the district court decision, MPC applied again for a rate increase.

MPC faulty regulator.jpg

PSC appeal 1.jpg

In the wake of the district court decision, the PSC dragged its feet on appealing to the Supreme Court.

PSC appeal 2.jpg

Attorney General Mike Greely decided to pursue the appeal.

PSC appeal 3.jpg

Finally, they all headed for the Supreme Court, dogged by the wicked witch herself.