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Cartoons on the general theme of politics in Montana.

Campaign '84 1.png

This could apply to any election year.

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Just when you think it might be okay.

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In 1984, the GOP was desperate to regain some political clout, so they straddled the fence on many issues.

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State employees are perennial targets of political rhetoric.  I oughta know; I was a state employee for 37 years.


Waltermire memo.jpg

In a leaked memo, Secretary of State Jim Waltermire used those terms to describe some county clerks and recorders.  Waltermire provided lots of material for cartoons.  He was about the only politician who got upset at my work.

Waltermire flies.jpg

From his powerful perch as Secretary of State, Jim Waltermire pursued his political ambitions.


Jim Waltermire  transformed his political image through political missteps.


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I dashed this out in a snit after Trump “won” the presidential election in 2016.