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The Montana congressional delegation may be small, but it’s always funny.

Waltermire senate.jpg

When Sec. of State Jim Waltermire sounded out his political ambitions in 1983, his party squelched them.

Max NPPAC.jpg

Sen. Max Baucus took pride in the criticism by the National Conservative Political Action Committee.

Cozzens name call.jpg

Chuck Cozzens ran against Max Baucus for the U.S. Senate in 1984.  His firebrand campaign was, at the time, considered out-of-bounds.  By the way, Halprin must have been a nobody – I have no memory of the name.

Marlenee nuclear.png

A gem from Ron Marlenee.

Drinking age.jpg

Congress leveraged highway funds to force states into setting the drinking age at 21.

Roscoe put it back.png

The 1990 census resulted in Montana losing a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Attorney General Marc Racicot argued unsuccessfully to have it restored.

Mud pacs.jpg

Representatives Williams and Marlenee ran well funded (and nasty) campaigns to win the remaining congressional seat.

Liar liar.jpg

Pretty common campaign rhetoric.

Pat W limit spending.jpg

In 1992, Rep. Williams proposed a convoluted formula to limit campaign spending.

Pat-Ron wipeout.jpg

In 1992, incumbent congressmen Williams and Marlenee had to battle it out for the sole House seat.

Burns travel.jpg

In the 1990s, Sen. Conrad Burns (R-MT) came under fire for extensive travel.

Burns campaign funds.jpg

Sen. Burns amassed quite a war chest of campaign funds.

Burns tears of joy.jpg

Sen. Burns and the GOP managed to bury campaign reform in 1994.