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Never before has so much money been poured into a Montana initiative campaign.  Tobacco companies working to protect their grip on addiction have financed multiple media ads and outreach to obscure the facts about I-185.


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What a sad excuse for a Congressman.  Greg Gianforte (R-MT) has been touting his influence with Trump because he flew a couple times to Montana on the POTUS plane.  So did the guy who cleans the toilets.

The Munchkin speaks

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Republican Secretary of State Corey Stapleton issued another barely coherent newsletter about secure elections.  He claimed the Russians “scanned” Montana’s election system in 2016, even though his own staff said that didn’t happen.  Corey also said he had announced this several months earlier (no record of that), but no news outlet reported it.

Money Matt’s shell game

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Okay, try to follow this – some donors who have maxed out for GOP Senate candidate Matt Rosendale’s 2018 campaign have now donated the max to his 2014 campaign for US House.  Those dollars went to repay Rosendale for personal loans to his 2014 campaign, then he turned around and loaned the same amount to his 2018 campaign.  Turns out it’s legal – but really?