The Joker

Garcia Joker.jpg

Yesterday, Rep. Rodney Garcia (R-Nutcase) backpedaled. In a demented letter to media outlets, he said the whole idea of shooting socialists “was a well received joke.” If you’re unfamiliar with the First Rule of Holes, it reads, “When in one, stop digging!”


Garcia shoot.jpg

Rep. Rodney Garcia (R-Nutcase) stated this at a big Republican gathering in Helena on February 1.  The next day, speaking to a reporter, he doubled down on his diatribe.  It’s really too bad that guys like this get elected … but it’s also rather entertaining.

Change of heart

Thomas term limits.jpg

Sen. Fred Thomas (R-Stevensville) strongly backed term limits back in 1992. (I drew the first cartoon back then.) Now he’s saying they not be the best idea. And, in spite of term limits, he has gamed the system to serve a total of 24 years in the Legislature.