Razzin’ the Rabble-rouser

Tester wins.jpg

Despite the four forays by the POTUS SHMOTUS working to derail Sen. Jon Tester, the good ol’ dirt farmer garnered victory over Republican Matt Rosendale. Normally, beating a schmuck like Rosendale should be a walk in the park, but Trump tried hard to whip up his base – and nearly succeeded.

One thought on “Razzin’ the Rabble-rouser

  1. well put. I think the many footsoldiers Jon had in the state made a difference and I think the young person vote out of Missoula (where I enjoyed the Pearl Jam benefit) made a huge difference. SOme good things are actually happening. More women than ever in Congress. A native American. SOme oversight now FINALLY! But, get ready for the Constitutional battle. ITs comin!! You think he had a vendetta against Jon Tester….whew ….watch what happens when the Mueller report wraps up… gonna be a crazy year of Americana, testing the strength of our institutions even more…


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