Guns, guns, guns

Regier LR-130.jpg

Rep. Matt Regier (R-Kalispell) correctly anticipated that the governor would veto HB325, which prohibited any local government regulation of firearms, such as background checks. Regier had an ace up his sleeve, HB357, which put the same language in a referendum for November (Legislative Referendum 130). The issue is currently in court. Meanwhile, people keep getting shot.  Vote NO on LR-130.

Downing doing duty …

Downing for auditor.jpg

California carpetbagger Troy Downing has filed as a Republican for the office of State Auditor. During his failed bid for the U.S. Senate in 2018, Downing faced charges of illegally getting a resident hunting license (which he later pled guilty to). He also altered tax records to his advantage. (Yes, this is a “repurposed image.”  That’s conservation of energy.)

Pickup stick-up

SOS telework.jpg

A legislative fiscal audit found that Secretary of State Corey Stapleton put a lot of miles on a fancy state pickup driving home to Billings on weekends.  Corey couldn’t be bothered to show up before the Legislative Audit Committee to defend his driving; his underling dismissed the issue as “tele-work.”