Zinke’s Instincty

Zinke fine.jpg

The Secretary of the Interior may soon be looking for another job – like developing a commercial project in Whitefish with Halliburton Chairman David Lesar.  The project, involving land owned by Zinke’s “foundation,” would include a microbrewery, hotel, art gallery, and other business

Razzin’ the Rabble-rouser

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Despite the four forays by the POTUS SHMOTUS working to derail Sen. Jon Tester, the good ol’ dirt farmer garnered victory over Republican Matt Rosendale. Normally, beating a schmuck like Rosendale should be a walk in the park, but Trump tried hard to whip up his base – and nearly succeeded.

Where’s Waldo?

Rosendale lie.jpg

Republican candidate for US Senate Matt Rosendale tweeted a photo of he and Sen. Steve Daines hunting on “public” land.  Turns out they were cruising on the Point of Rocks Ranch owned by Robert Smith, a partner in Sinclair Broadcasting Group.  Why would Rosendale lie about where he takes his gun for a walk? And why is Daines complicit?  I guess it’s because they want to make public lands private for millionaire buddies like Smith.